Support for female entrepreneursTameside Womens Enterprise Network has been set up to encourage women either running their own businesses or thinking of setting up to meet in an non-threatening environment to network and improve their business/entrepreneurial skills. Networking events are organised in association with Cherchez Networking and news is posted on this site regularly.

The Network is currently facilitated by Jane Michael, who was one of the Tameside Business Family Enterprise Team until March 2011 and has over 150 members.  Membership is not restricted to female owned and run businesses in Tameside but members do need to be registered with the Tameside Business Family.

We welcome women who are thinking of setting up in business for themselves and offer a nurturing and safe environment where questions about starting up can be shared and answers provided.

If you would like to join the Network, please visit www.tamesidebusinessfamily.com and click the green Join button.  When completing your information, please ensure that when you are completing the ‘Networking’ section, you tick the Tameside Womens Enterprise Network.  This will ensure you are included in the membership.

Also keep your eye on the information page on the Tameside Business Family website.

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